Artist statement

My photo-based artworks examine visual representations of social groups and explore technological and material aspects of photographic media. I investigate photographic medium’s foundations and possibilities of photographic representation. Expanding the photographic image beyond its frame, traditional format, and the narrative is central to my artistic strategies. In my art practice, I challenge the role of the photographer in the image production and contest the notion of the time vs space. Recently, I built on these themes to examine the photographic representation of political and cultural context. These representations include constructed images and related artifacts, which I treat as material to produce new images and installations. I interrogate the impermanence of manipulating photographic and their preservation in advance of digital technologies.
I also work with projected images. Turning a flat two-dimensional surface into a three- dimensional space offers a way to expand the perception and experience of images in space and make a place as a memorial space for viewers. Rendering photographic images into objects, by way of their display, mounting, and placement in space. I try to activate the role of photographic equipment in the display of my work. These relations open a conversation between photography and installation. Besides, I work with technology in both concept and tools, treating it in a contemporary art definition. Either presented as a photographic print or as a projected image within the installation, the pieces confront photographic representation and attempt to reveal the layers constituting the image. I aspire to contest the medium of photography, applying strategies that challenge the conventional notions of production and display of photographic images.